Classic Baked Brownies

Hi Peeps of internet! I have already made some vegan brownies before, but the recipe I post last time was on RAW version of this dessert so I though I’d complete it and add vegan version of classic brownies as well. I haven’t bothered with decoration this time, but you can as always arrange the dish a bit nicer, pour over some fruity sauce or add ice cream. I’m sure you’ll find your perfect combination! Classic Baked Brownies   Author: Jona Friedri Nutrition Info (per serving) Serves: 16 Serving size: 1 piece Calories: 104 Fat: 4,8 g Carbohydrates: 13,5 g Fiber: 1,1 g Protein: 1,6 g Recipe type: Dessert […]

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Fruity-Ginger Juice

I’m sick.. I mean I cough and stuff which is something that doesn’t usually happen to me. However I am not surprised cause my mealplan was horrible recently, I really didn’t do anything for my body.. So it’s time to get back on track and especially get something healthy to my body – yes, juice time for sure. Let’s start with the fruity ones, shall we? This concrete one combines my two favourite things, please welcome this fruity-ginger juice. Fruity-ginger Juice   Author: Jona Friedri Nutrition Info (per serving) Serves: 1 large Calories: 316 Fat: 2 g Carbohydrates: 70 g Fiber: 19 g Protein: 5 g Prep […]

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Plevel Jindrisska (Prague)

Me and my boyfriend were invited to try a whole new degustation menu at restaurant in the centre of Prague called Plevel. We were excited to go for more reasons but the main one was that we haven’t been at this restaurant ever before. I was once in their second restaurant and I wasn’t very pleased so my expectations were quite low, yet I believe that heart of every restaurant is a chef and therefore was truly looking forward for that evening. First, let’s talk about the first impression. We reached the restaurant about 15 minutes before the event started and even […]

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Juicing for beginners

Juicing 101: Juicy facts

Spring is here, also known as the detox time. When it comes to spring detox usually juices will take their part in it. So I decided to write another series of articles for those of you who might not have started juicing yet – Juicing 101, a simple guide to juicing for beginners. Let’s start with the very basic information. Difference between smoothie and juice These terms are often misused, but fortunately it’s very simple to say which one is which. Juicing means separate the juice from the pulp to get a concentrate liquid. Smoothie, on the other hand, is […]

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Spring Green Pea Soup

It’s been a while I posted something and I have no excuse. However I felt really bad about not doing anything on OWV (even though other things in my life kept me quite busy), so I found new drive in myself and I have tons of ideas for posts, everything should be fine from now on. Spring is here and that means that is time for the most common spring soup ever, yes I’m talking green peas. This green pea soup is perfect for this season since it’s nicely thick and warm, yet not heavy. A bit like the weather […]

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Simple warming up winter couscous for vegans

I am usually not a fan of couscous in a winter, it’s more like a summer thing to me, but now I finally found a fine combination of food which tastes just right with this lovely pasta and it would warm you up at the same time. It’s fresh, yet nicely warming, it’s soft yet bit spicy and from my point of view it tastes great. Needless to say it’s simple, cheap and pretty much anyone can make it at home.. it’s the usual kind of recipe. Simple warming up winter couscous   Author: Jona Friedri Nutrition Info (per serving) Serves: 4 […]

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